128 Beautiful Colours

The broad range of Zoffany’s paint collection enables the colours to be used in both contemporary and traditional settings. Each colour has been carefully created to complement and enhance Zoffany’s fabric and wallpaper collections.

The new Zoffany palette comprises 128 colours and reflects the demand for subtlety in tone and the ability to match colour perfectly to the soft furnishings within a scheme. Tints of some of Zoffany’s most popular neutrals have been introduced to the range to give a wider and more comprehensive choice when decorating and interior. Try using a mix of tints from a colour group to create a harmonious scheme.

Flat Emulsion

For use on internal walls, giving an exceptionally chalky matt finish, which emphasises the deep pigments in each colour. The durability of this water-based emulsion is ideal for walls and ceilings, leaving a spongeable surface.

Acrylic Eggshell

Hardwearing, water-based, high opacity paint suitable for interior walls, ceilings, woodwork and metalwork, this durable acrylic eggshell paint gives a low-sheen finish ideal for kitchens, bathrooms and conservatories.


Traditional oil-based paint giving a low-sheen finish, resistant to steam and condensation in kitchens, bathrooms and conservatories, this durable eggshell paint is ideal for woodwork and metalwork where washing down is intended.

Paint Guidelines

We recommend you apply a sample pot of colour to the area and observe the changing light conditions throughout the day.

For best results, all woodwork and metalwork should be primed and walls should be cleaned thoroughly before painting. Clean flat emulsion and acrylic eggshell brushes with water. Clean eggshell brushes with white spirit.

The paints used on reverse are flat emulsion. Some variation may occur between paint finishes and also the surfaces to which they are applied.